Use case —

Property Tech

Do these pressures sound familiar?

— 1000+ rental payments, bills, claims and expenses to reconcile daily

— Multiple pay ins and payouts to be received or paid to multiple parties

— Payments that should really happen in seconds instead of days

We make it easy for Property Tech platforms to set up and manage flexible end-to-end payment workflows, connecting multiple parties such as agents, property managers, tenants, landlords and service providers.

Marketplace Payments Platform

How it works


You set payout instructions


Assembly direct debits funds from your bank account

Assembly uses funds from your prefunded digital wallet


Assembly initiates disbursement


Funds are sent instantly via NPP

Funds are sent via batch process


Customer receives funds

A trusted digital payments platform by Property Tech businesses

“When the cornerstone of that service provision involves the fast movement and clearing of money, you need a payment solutions provider that can deliver that to a high standard.”

Nick Bouris

Co-founder and Director, Managed App

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Resolve payment complexity

Receive and manage payments to multiple parties with minimal effort.