Use case —

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

— Are you looking for a stable, scalable platform to handle large transaction volumes?

— Want to help customers maximise trading opportunities on your platform?

— Are trust and security common expectations amongst your customer-base?

Assembly helps crypto exchanges achieve the ultimate trading experience for their customers by offering a simple and secure payment process so that buying and selling cryptocurrency is fast, easy and secure.

Marketplace Payments Platform

How it works


You set payout instructions


Assembly direct debits funds from your bank account

Assembly uses funds from your prefunded digital wallet


Assembly initiates disbursement


Funds are sent instantly via NPP

Funds are sent via batch process


Customer receives funds

A trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange payment platform

“Getting regulated and gaining critical mass in new markets is a top business priority for us, and so is partnering with a trustworthy payments provider that can support rapid market entry. With Assembly, we were able to connect to local banking networks, all with the guidance of a dedicated team that was both methodical and hands-on in delivering a swift and successful integration.”

Brent Diehl

EVP, Global Head of Business Solutions,

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Maximise opportunities for customers

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