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Invoice payments

Using Assembly, help your customers get paid simply and quickly, improving their cash flow.

Create customisable invoice screens, provide a way to accept multiple payment methods, and help your merchants collect payment. A better way to get them paid.

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Generate and automate your invoices

Fully customisable

Integrate payments into your existing invoice workflow via API or SDK.

With limitless ways to customise your experience, choose how invoices are designed, sent, and payment is collected. All white labelled to appear as your brand.

Augment your invoices

Improve cash flow

Schedule automatic reminders, via email or text message, to do the nagging for your merchants.

With the ability to create custom reminder schedules based on rule sets, chasing down payments becomes a whole lot easier.

Improve Merchant

Secure onboarding

Sign up your sub-merchants using a graduated identification process ensuring your customers never provide more data than absolutely required.

Assembly helps you track and manage your customer data to reduce the burden of KYC, AML and sanctions screening on your business.

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How it works


Merchant raises an invoice within your application


Invoice is sent to customer with a payment link included


Customer is taken to your payment page to view the invoice


Customer pays through chosen payment method


Merchant receives funds


Merchant receives notification

Customer receives receipt

Powerful features

  • Repeat
    Custom billing descriptors for every merchant
  • Mobile Chat
    Generate collection links via email or text message
  • Money
    Multiple payment methods for higher conversions
  • Calendar Date
    Funds paid out weekly, daily or in real time
  • Refresh Card
    Full and partial refunds for happy customers while funds in escrow
  • Bill
    Link invoices to specific milestone payments

“At Fergus we’re dedicated to providing the ultimate tool for tradesmen that helps them with job tracking, quoting, scheduling, invoices and reporting. With Assembly we can round out that experience by helping our customers get paid and putting them in a better cash position on a daily basis”

Dan Pollard

Chief Executive Officer, Fergus

Help your customers get paid simply and quickly

Learn how Assembly’s platform can support your value proposition, and provide a competitive edge in your market. Get in touch today.

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