Minimize running costs

Avoid the need to hire and train a payments support team. When problems and issues with payments arise, Assembly will respond to and resolve all customer queries with email support from your domain, in your voice, and with your signature and branding.

Consistently delight users

Ensure rapid, respectful and effective responses to payments queries from your users with Assembly’s white labelled end-user payments support service. Our team has the knowledge and experience to consider each case individually, responding directly to your users on your behalf on all payments issues.

Seamless integration

With all communications sent from your domain and fully-rebranded with your signature and voice, Assembly’s white-labeled payments support integrates seamlessly into your existing support ticketing system where we resolve customer queries directly on your behalf.

How it Works

  • With Delight: Premium white labelled support, Assembly handles all payments-related queries, including dispute resolution, on your behalf as a fully-rebranded extension to your customer support team.

  • Delight: Plus white labelled support lets you fully outsource your payments support function such that it’s completely indistinguishable from an in-house offering (does not include dispute resolution).

  • Delight: Basic support gives your support team access to all the advice, from our expert payments support team, that they need to effectively answer payment queries as they arise.

Our mission at hipages is to make any home improvement job as easy as catching a ride with Uber, and payments are a crucial element of delivering this experience. This is just the beginning. With Assembly, we see a world where you can easily pay deposits in escrow, schedule monthly payments to the gardener and more, all with just the tap of a finger.

David Vitek , CEO

World class support

World class quality

Protect your online reputation and professional gravity by relying on our highly experienced team of support and payments support professionals to provide responsive support to your customers.

White-gloved support

Encourage big-ticket purchases by having Assembly’s transaction concierge service supervise high-value transactions in a considered and empathetic manner.

Proactive assistance

In order to minimize interruptions to payment processing, Assembly will proactively initiate investigations on your behalf whenever suspicious or problematic transactions are detected.

Fast and responsive

Ensure your customers get fast, accurate support for all their payments queries by fully outsourcing your payments support function to Assembly’s rapid-response support experts.

Your outsourced team

Assembly’s fraud protection service comes 100% white-labelled and fully integrated into your online business. We’ll reflect your branding, language style and guidelines, quality standards and signature sign-offs whenever we interact directly with your customers.

A team you can trust

Assembly’s employees all undergo thorough, fully-compliant background checking to ensure their dependability in carrying out all payments, security, fraud, risk and compliance operations on a day-to-day basis.

No coding required

Integrating Assembly’s white-labelled support options doesn’t require any coding or specialized interfaces – it’s just a matter of letting us know which services you’d like.

Real-time escalations

Initiate the resolution process on escalations immediately by keeping your in-house support team in constant communication with Assembly via instant messaging on a dedicated channel.

Zendesk integration

Assembly’s anti-fraud support services can be delivered to your support team or your end users through Zendesk in a way that’s indistinguishable from your in-house support.

White labelled

Your end users will never know that the high-level team they interact with isn’t actually in-house. All interactions will appear to originate natively, from your domain, under your branding, and in your voice.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute management

Ensure a mutually satisfactory outcome whenever payment disputes occur between your users. Provided the funds remain in escrow, Assembly’s ensures a fair resolution, avoiding negative NPS scores and brand damage to your business.

Fair and unbiased

When disagreements arise, Assembly will liaise with your users directly on your behalf and dig deep to uncover the real reason behind the dispute, and offer a mutually amicable outcome for everyone involved.

Four tiered process

Once an investigation has begun all evidence is submitted to Assembly, reviewed, and a fair recommendation is made to both parties. If agreement cannot be reached, the final decision will be determined via third party arbitration.

Shared support ticketing

All you need to do is share your transaction dispute tickets, with any relevant supporting information with Assembly, and we’ll take care of everything else required to resolve the disagreement fairly.

Use Cases

Auto & Vehicles

Real Estate & Property

Trades & Local Services

Crowdfunding Platforms

Big Ticket Exchanges

Job Management Platforms

On-demand Economy

SMB Platforms

On-demand Economy

Dual-sided Marketplaces

Enterprise Organisations


Assembly’s graphical dashboard and flexible reporting tools let you quickly visualize a range of platform insights – like real-time earnings, transaction velocity and historical trends – with multi-format data export for in-depth accounting and analytics.

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Self managed dashboard
24/7 Email Support
White-labelled user support
White glove concierge
Dispute resolution (in escrow)
Prices shown are on top of the transaction/payment fees