Keep team costs low

Avoid the difficulty and expense of staffing, training and maintaining an in-house fraud team. Now you can fully outsource your anti-fraud efforts to one of the industry’s most experienced and effective teams.

Protect your business

Detect and prevent traditional and emerging threats like friendly fraud, merchant fraud, and crime rings. Built to thwart even the most organised attacks, Assembly’s anti-fraud team now leads the industry.

No more chargebacks

Around 86% of all chargebacks are the result of illegal activity and can cost you around 1.4% of its total transaction volume. Assembly offers absolute protection, providing full indemnity against fraudulent chargeback liabilities.

How it Works

  • Get all the benefits and support of Defend: Plus fraud protection, but with regular anti-fraud rule set reviews and full indemnity against chargeback liability.

  • Increase your resilience to fraud with improved rule-set based filtering, merchant and buyer ID verification, and chargeback investigations conducted on your behalf.

  • Defend: Basic fraud protection provides the standard defence against known fraudulent transactions and malicious actors, while you remain responsible for investigating chargebacks and bearing the costs involved.

With Assembly’s fraud protection, we’re indemnified from all chargeback liability as well as being able to provide a more compelling and streamlined user experience.

Tony Barrett , CEO

Chargeback Protection

Zero liability

Reduce your chargeback liability exposure to zero. Using Defend: Premium means that no matter the size of the chargeback amount, you will never have to pay a cent.

Outsource investigations

Assembly helps you focus on your business by taking on the time-consuming task of investigating chargebacks on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Frontline representation

Assembly will act as your representative in responding to financial institutions in order to minimize losses due to chargebacks.

Common rule sets

Prevent malicious actors from conducting business illegally by matching transactions against a set of common rules.

Tailored rule sets

Improve the accuracy and reliability of your automatic fraud detection with a rule set tailored specifically to your industry and region.

Regular rule-set review

Your tailored fraud prevention rules will be reviewed and updated regularly to tighten the net and reduce false positives.

Robust Rules

<h2>Robust Rules</h2>

Behind-the-scenes measures

Assembly utilizes more than just the ordinary means of preventing fraud. Behind the scenes, we’ve deployed an array of proprietary anti-fraud measures with advanced pattern matching, real-time transaction behavior analysis, and the rest is confidential.

Persistently cutting-edge

Effectively deterring fraud requires the motivation and agility to develop and deploy innovative anti-fraud technologies and practices as new threats emerge. Assembly strikes a considered balance between ensuring safety for your users and minimizing disruptions to your day-to-day business.

Dogged determination

Assembly’s anti-fraud investigative team is strongly motivated to investigate and follow up suspicious events on your behalf, including forensics, law enforcement reporting, evidence preservation and drafting of affidavits.

No coding required

Integrating Assembly’s white-labelled support options doesn’t require any coding or specialized interfaces – it’s just a matter of letting us know which services you’d like.

Real-time escalations

Initiate the resolution process on escalations immediately by keeping your in-house support team in constant communication with Assembly via instant messaging on a dedicated channel.

Zendesk integration

Assembly’s anti-fraud support services can be delivered to your support team or your end users through Zendesk in a way that’s indistinguishable from your in-house support.

ID Verifications

<h2>ID Verifications</h2>
KYC checks

Ensure that the transactions you facilitate are both safe and compliant. Assembly performs automated and manual identity verifications, making sure that your customers are Know Your Customer compliant.

Global sanction checks

To help you avoid being fined severely, and stay compliant with international regulations, Assembly conducts a range of checks including Anti Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF), banned entities, and trade sanctioned countries.

Deep dive checks

In addition to verifying merchants, Assembly will also investigate all suspicious transactions and, if necessary, Assembly will verify the buyer’s identity also, to ensure the transaction has every chance of successfully going ahead.

Use Cases