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Outbound payouts

Using Assembly’s completely API driven solution, reduce admin time on your team, and help your customers get paid quickly and simply.

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Fast, flexible and frictionless payout flows.

Full payout flexibility

Send funds on custom or fixed schedules to single or multiple parties via batch, or individually, to a wide variety of outbound payout methods including bank accounts, Assembly digital wallets, and more.

In store PaymentsFull Flexibility

Improve customer cash flow

Don’t wait a week to pay your customers. Give them a better experience and help them manage their cash flow more effectively.

With Assembly, payouts can be triggered via API either daily or instantly, giving you more satisfied customers.

Improve Customer Cash Flow

Secure onboarding

Sign up your sub-merchants using a graduated identification process ensuring your customers never provide more data than absolutely required.

Assembly helps you track and manage your customer data to reduce the burden of KYC, AML and sanctions screening on your business.

Secure Onboarding

How it works


You set payout instructions


Assembly direct debits funds from your bank account

Assembly uses funds from your prefunded digital wallet


Assembly initiates disbursement


Funds are sent instantly via NPP

Funds are sent via batch process


Customer receives funds

Packed full of features

  • event confirmed
    Choice of daily batches or real time payouts
  • ai
    Remove human error with no need for manual ABA uploads
  • pin
    Ensure payouts always go through with failover capability
  • Lifering
    Payout methods include bank accounts, PayPal, digital wallets
  • list
    Track and manage your customer data to reduce your business' regulatory burdens
  • wink
    Seamless and secure onboarding using graduated checks

“We searched extensively for a provider that could bring trusted payments to our marketplace, and Assembly was uniquely able to do so. Carsales has a strong track record of using innovative technologies that help deliver materially better experiences and outcomes for our members”

Larry Diamond

Chief Executive Officer, Zip

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