Partner with a platform who works with you to ensure your business is successful and offer your users a world-class payments experience.

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Accept Funds Globally

Enable your marketplace to expand internationally by accepting payments from over 150 countries and settling in numerous local currencies.

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Simple, flexible payouts

Collect fees and commissions and send batch, timed or instant payouts via a wide variety of payment methods to over 100 countries.

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Robust payments

Our stable and customisable payment API’s allow your platform to add complex payment flows designed to integrate with your customer’s needs.

At Assembly Payments, solving problems is our specialty.
We’ve got this.

Onboarding & Verification

Verify sellers fast without friction or delays, allowing them to begin trading on your platform right away.

We manage all Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulation compliance by performing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and evaluations for your users.

We also check all users against local and international databases to ensure that economic or trade sanctions against banned nations, entities and individuals are not violated.

All of this without adding any unnecessary friction or barriers to your seller onboarding flow.

Fraud & Chargebacks

Detect and prevent traditional and emerging threats like Card-Not-Present fraud, shill bidding and account replication/takeover with Assembly’s world class fraud management service, protecting your users from potential threats.

Assembly’s Defend Premium provides a fully managed online fraud and chargeback mitigation service makes it easy to add a payments solution to your platform.

Reduce your fraud and chargeback exposure to zero whilst adding new payment services to your users and new revenue streams for your platform.

With Assembly’s fraud protection, we’re indemnified from all chargeback liability as well as being able to provide a more compelling and streamlined user experience.

Tony Barrett , CEO