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Real Time Payments

Assembly is a real-time payments pioneer  and the first non-bank payments platform to provide instant money transfers over the New Payments Platform (NPP) in Australia. 

We understand that in order to scale, your business needs to be truly agile and operate in an efficient way. We therefore go beyond helping you and your customers receive payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We apply our real-time expertise to power your payment workflows with APIs that enable authentication, liquidity, payment and settlement with zero wait-times.

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Superior experience —

Give customers a superior experience through fast, flexible payments

  • Money moves between over 90 Australian banks and financial institutions within seconds

  • Collect and disburse payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At night, over the weekend, and on public holidays

  • Help your customers get paid with uncapped payout limits

  • Speed up refunds and automate how all payments are made, received, managed and cleared in real time. 

  • Use data rich information with payments descriptors of up to  280 characters to provide customers with clarity and payment traceability

  • Simplify complex workflows and free up time to focus on your customers

In store Payments
Gain efficiency and agility

Reduce manual effort, errors, and costs with workflows driven entirely by payment APIs

  • Automate your entire payment flow and avoid manual uploads

  • Ensure every payout goes through using smart routing redundancy

  • Auto return unmatched payments and reduce manual overhead

  • Enhance your existing payment workflow with API automation

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Trusted experience that enhances brand reputation —

Maintain uptime and brand reputation through proven, reliable technology

  • Disrupt your industry with pioneers of Australia's New Payments Platform (NPP)

  • Maintain stability and uptime using proven technology

  • Rely on bank grade security and processing volumes

  • Scale infinitely using Assembly's micro-services architecture

  • Trust Assembly's PCI DSS compliance, encryption and tokenisation

Get to market fasterCalendar

“With Assembly's solution we were able to create as many payflows as was needed, which suited us since in property management these can be several and inexhaustive.”

Nick Bouris

Co-founder and Director, Managed App

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How it works


Customer makes payment via their banking portal using a PayID

0 sec

Assembly accepts and processes funds


Funds are held with Assembly for use elsewhere

Funds are instantly transferred to your bank account


Payment is complete and Assembly triggers callback to notify you

6 sec

You keep your Assembly account topped up ready for payouts


You trigger a customer payout via API

0 sec

Assembly processes transaction and makes payment


Customer receives funds in their bank account


Payment is complete and Assembly triggers callback to notify you

6 sec


Automation makes reconciling payments easy

Stability and uptime for a reliable service

Faster payments mean less inbound customer support tickets

Unlimited transaction amounts ideal for high ticket purchases

Payment are received in real time which eliminates batched scheduling

Faster payouts mean less inbound customer support tickets

Remove human error with no need for manual ABA uploads

Payment are received and completed successfully with DE failover capability

Frequently Asked Questions

PayID is the name given to the addressing service that allows the use of an alternate identifier when receiving or making payments, instead of relying on knowing a BSB and account number. A PayID is created by linking an eligible bank account to a unique identifier such as an email address.

PayID makes it possible to:

  • make and receive payments using simple identifiers, such as an email address, rather than having to rely on remembering BSB and account numbers;
  • easily identify and allocate incoming payments to departments or products; and
  • manage bank account changes easily with no disruption to payments received.

Osko is a service from payments platform BPAY, which was launched in February 2018. It's designed to move funds between individuals or businesses in real-time using the NPP infrastructure network. In other words Osko acts as the vehicle that moves money rapidly across the NPP. The Assembly API provides key information on which bank accounts are sending and receiving the money to guarantee a faster and safer transaction.

Assembly’s API communicates with the banks and your organisation's platform as well as with Osko and the NPP letting them know the amount of money to be moved from the payer to the recipient's account.

These are bank accounts with financial institutions that have rolled out NPP to support faster payments to and from their customers’ accounts.

If a bank account is not NPP-reachable, Assembly will send the payment via the traditional Direct Credit.

No, the channel for your customers to send and receive NPP payments is no different to now. They would send money using internet banking (via a browser or an app). Similarly, when money is received, they can check their account balance using internet banking.

For pay ins into your business, customers send payments to your registered PayID. For payouts, payments are made to your customers' NPP-enabled bank account.

Assembly’s API notifies your business with the status of the payment.

The Assembly team can do all of this on your behalf with Real Time Payments. As part of the integration process we set up your PayID if you choose to use one and set your business up so you can start taking advantage of faster payments. 

You can send payments using the the NPP if:

  • it’s a single payment;
  • it‘s made from an eligible NPP account;
  • there are sufficient available funds at the time of authorisation for corporate online users or API submission; and
  • the payment is being made to a participating NPP financial institution.

No, but your customer’s bank account must be NPP-reachable. If it isn't, they can't make payment to a PayID. And they won't be able to receive a real-time payment (instead they will receive via the traditional direct credit overnight).

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