A better user experience

Disburse funds on custom or fixed schedules to single or multiple parties via batch, or individually, to a wide variety of outbound payout methods including bank accounts, digital wallets, and more. Create a workflow that’s ideal for your customers, and your business.

Avoid regulatory headaches

Factor compliance out of the equation by letting Assembly take on the heavy regulatory lifting. Assembly checks all merchants against local and international databases to ensure that economic or trade sanctions against banned nations, entities and individuals are never accidentally violated.

Reduce admin time

Through the Assembly API, automate your entire disbursement process, minimizing the need for manual intervention. No more manual internet banking, excel sheets, or uploaded batch files. Drastically reduce the time your team spends on paying out your customers.

How it works

With Assembly, we’ve been able to completely remove any uncertainty about getting paid for tasks.

Tim Fung , CEO & Co-Founder

Powerful Features

Using Assembly's rich feature set, build your ideal workflow to maximize conversions while avoiding regulatory headaches.

Multiple payout methods

With a wide variety of outbound payment endpoints and workflows accessible through Assembly’s flexible API, including bank transfers, digital wallets and more, it’s easy to ensure perfect convenience for merchants.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Digital Wallet
  • PayPal
  • International Wire

Arm’s length compliance

Sidestep your regulatory compliance obligations altogether. While you control the workflow, fee structure and payout schedule, payments between users never touch your accounts, eliminating your compliance burden.

Seller identity checks

Assembly manages Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulation compliance by performing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and evaluations on your merchants.

Flexible refunds

Provide your business and users with simple, flexible and self managed refund capabilities – whether it’s a full, partial, still-in-escrow, or post-sale refund.

Batch payouts

Perform mass payments at any scale or volume using the Assembly API or by uploading your batch payment instructions as an XYZ file.

Scheduled payouts

Schedule remittances to your merchants’ nominated payout methods at pre-arranged time intervals – daily, weekly, monthly or however frequently you would prefer.

Multi party payouts

Easily disburse funds  to multiple parties with a single API call after each sales transaction or as a batch payout.

Digital wallet payouts

Allow users to receive funds instantly via a white-labelled digital wallet attached to their account. Funds can be withdrawn to a bank account or used for future purchases.

Bank account payouts

Provide rapid-resolution bank account payout functionality to your merchants, with domestic remittances completing overnight, or in 2-4 business days internationally.

  • Digital wallets

    Assembly makes it easy to deploy hosted digital wallets that your customers can use to store funds for later withdrawal or to put toward purchases.
    White labelled wallets

    Facilitate high value purchases, encourage on-platform spending, and hold onto funds for longer by offering hosted digital wallets to allow for maximum control of payments through your business.

    Out-of-the-box compliance

    Sidestep all compliance, liability, reporting and access control requirements by integrating Assembly’s fully compliant hosted digital wallets.

    Easy wallet management

    Deploy Assembly’s API accessible digital wallets across your user base to facilitate purchasing, disbursing, balance management, or as a means of crediting users with loyalty or coupon benefits.

    Multi-party transactions

    Use digital wallets to enable multiple users to contribute toward group purchases. Great for sporting and entertainment event ticketing, property rental payments, or anything else that involves ‘splitting the bill’.

  • Merchant onboarding

    Fast track new customer sign-ups and get them transacting much sooner and with far less confusion by outsourcing your merchant approvals and onboarding to Assembly.
    Ultra-simple sign-ups

    Spin up new accounts and get new merchants trading immediately by relying on Assembly’s adaptive underwriting. A perfect balance between security and convenience for your users.

    Compliant ID verification

    Spare yourself the responsibility of verifying merchant identities. Assembly will take care of satisfying all your merchant payment compliance needs right from the get-go.

    Bank account verification

    Accelerate your onboarding process with Assembly’s bank account verification service. New merchants provide either their online banking credentials, or simply report the value of a penny-credit deposit into their account.

    Keep merchants on-site

    Keep your users focused on the task at hand. With Assembly under the hood, users can carry out all transactions within a single, seamless payment workflow.

  • Fast track notifications

    Communicating with your customers throughout the payment process can be difficult. Use Assembly's callbacks, scheduled reminders and pre-packaged communications to help them through your payments workflow.
    Callback capability

    Do away with polling and keep your customers up to date via email or text by utilizing Assembly’s extensive callback (webhook) capability

    Scheduled reminders

    Boost conversions and encourage users to take action by creating automated reminder schedules set by you or your merchants.

    Prepackaged messaging

    Use Assembly’s prepackaged email communications, mapped to specific API calls and callbacks, to get you up and running faster, saving you time during the integration process.

  • Full control and flexibility over fees

    Decide who, when, how much, and how often to charge transaction fees. Assembly gives you maximum flexibility to design a fee structure that perfectly supports your business model.
    Reliable fee collection

    Quit chasing down fees. Assembly ensures that the correct fee is charged on every transaction, all within the transaction itself, to generate additional revenue from your users.

    Easy fee management

    Charge a flat fee, percentage-based fee, or a combination fee on transactions between your users, or on any transaction you like.

    Customizable fee schedules

    Create different fee schedules for different membership segments, so you can offer preferred pricing to power users or as an incentive for new users to sign up.

    Fee-only business model

    Operate as a ‘fee-only’ business by only collecting fees, and nothing else, to avoid the compliance issues associated with funds passing through your account.


Assembly’s dashboard and flexible reporting tools let you quickly understand a range of platform insights like real-time earnings, transaction velocity and historical trends, with multi-format data export for in-depth accounting and analytics.

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Go global

Accept payments globally

Accept payments from international customers, wherever in the world they’re located (subject to additional international fees).

International payouts

Remain fully compliant when disbursing payments to your international customers (subject to additional international fees).

International footprint

Headquarter your business in any of Assembly’s supported countries to access the most powerful building blocks for payments available.

Use Cases

Insurance Claim Payouts

SMB Platforms

Vendor & Contractor Payments

On-demand Economy

Dual-sided Marketplaces

Enterprise Organisations

Bolt-on Services

Assembly has designed optional bolt-on services so you can focus on your business and not the unseen, costly and time-consuming side of payments.


Guide your customers through queries and disputes using our dedicated and efficient payments support experts, white labeled as your own team.

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