An enhanced BPAY Solution  —


Confirm customer payments faster with API driven BPAY that provides up to 3 payment notifications per day.

Fraud Defence
Faster experience—

Speedier payment confirmations

Create an optimised payments experience for your business and your customers using Assembly's turbo charged BPAY solution. With up to three payment confirmations per day, you can reduce receipt waiting times by up to 22 hours.

  • Receive up to three payment confirmations per day

  • Reduce your payment waiting time by up to 22 hours

  • Rely on bank grade security and processing volumes

  • Speed up notifications to customers of arrival of funds

  • Pre-fund a float and make linked payouts immediately

  • Automate customer communications using API callbacks

Get to market faster
Optimise overheads—

Cash collection and reconciliation made easy

Spend less time preparing, chasing, and reconciling payments using Assembly API and callback technology. Use auto matched payments, immediate notifications, and unique reference ID's to improve your cashflow and optimise your overheads.

  • Improve cashflow by clearing funds the next business day

  • Automate collections using API trigger points

  • Eliminate chargeback risk with a smart alternative credit cards

  • Auto match and reconcile payments using reference ID's per user

  • Keep customers up to date automatically using API callbacks

  • Monitor every transaction using Assembly's dashboard portal

CalendarProtect your business
Trusted convenience —

An established payment method

Make it safe and easy for your customers to pay by accepting BPAY. Use increased payment limits, dedicated biller codes and provide access to over 150 financial institutions to make your customers lives easier.

  • Complement existing payment methods without replacing them

  • Give customers a safe way to pay through their banking portal

  • Payments can be made from more than 150 financial institutions

  • Easy name recognition through dedicated, branded biller codes

  • Increase your payment limits from savings accounts and credit cards to $100,000

In store Payments

Enhance your BPAY payments

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