Boost conversions

Increase your conversion rate with a multitude of payment methods, flexible transaction workflows, and currencies, all controlled by you. Design a custom workflow to suit your business and your customers.

Fast integration

Integrate quickly and with minimal effort using Assembly’s RESTful API, which provides an elegant, light-weight interface layer with human-readable JSON data structures. Get up and running fast and efficiently.

Easy compliance

Assembly takes on all responsibility for adhering to local and international compliance obligations and regulations, leaving you to focus on your business and not regulatory headaches.

How it works

We searched extensively for a provider that could bring trusted payments to our marketplace, and Assembly was uniquely able to do so. Carsales has a strong track record of using innovative technologies that help deliver materially better experiences and outcomes for our members

Greg Roebuck , CEO

Powerful Features

Using Assembly's rich feature set, build your ideal workflow to maximize conversions while avoiding regulatory headaches.

More ways to pay

Support a wide range of payment methods including credit cards, bank based transfers, or via digital wallets. All methods are fully interchangeable, allowing custom payment flows with a single integration.

  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Bank Transfer
  • ACH Pull
  • Digital Wallet
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • International Wire

Flexible refunds

Provide your business and users with simple, flexible and self managed refund capabilities – whether it’s a full, partial, still-in-escrow, or post-sale refund.

Subscription payments

Easily set up a subscription-based service, where users are charged either a fixed or varying amount on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
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Deposits and top-ups

Enable your users to make upfront deposits or partial payments that are paid through immediately, or held in escrow until the final payment is made.

Milestone payments

Easily set up staged payment schedules, allowing buyers to release payments incrementally over the course of a project as specific milestones are reached.

Custom billing descriptors

Make it easier for your users to identify transactions originating from your business or merchants by incorporating specific wording into the billing descriptor that appears on their credit card statement.

Multi-party payments

Configure complex transactions easily – from single or multiple buyers, merchants or brokers – to split payments and payouts in any combination you require.

  • Make payment via a simple text message

    With Assembly's prepackaged workflow ‘Approve’™, you or your merchants can invoice customers and receive payment immediately simply by having them reply to an SMS text message once their billing details are on file.
    Collect payments faster

    Invoice users and collect payments at lightning speed with Assembly’s patented billing approvals technology. Customers simply reply ‘YES’ to an SMS text message to authorize immediate payment from their account.

    Avoid chasing payments

    Schedule automatic reminders to do the nagging for you and your merchants. With the ability to create custom reminder schedules and target users according to your own criteria, chasing down payments will be markedly less stressful.

    Create a simpler way to pay

    Spare users the hassle of entering their payment details every time they need to make a payment. Once Assembly has your customer’s credit card, debit card, or banking details stored, all future payments can be approved instantly.

    One-stop management

    Manage and monitor single or multiple payments as they occur with Assembly’s powerful payments dashboard, which lets you manage users and adjust your payout schedules and reconciling preferences easily.

  • Fast track notifications

    Communicating with your customers throughout the payment process can be difficult. Use Assembly's callbacks, scheduled reminders and pre-packaged communications to help them through your payments workflow.
    Callback capability

    Do away with polling and keep your customers up to date via email or text by utilizing Assembly’s extensive callback (webhook) capability

    Scheduled reminders

    Boost conversions and encourage users to take action by creating automated reminder schedules set by you or your merchants.

    Prepackaged messaging

    Use Assembly’s prepackaged email communications, mapped to specific API calls and callbacks, to get you up and running faster, saving you time during the integration process.

  • Full control and flexibility over fees

    Decide who, when, how much, and how often to charge transaction fees. Assembly gives you maximum flexibility to design a fee structure that perfectly supports your business model.
    Reliable fee collection

    Quit chasing down fees. Assembly ensures that the correct fee is charged on every transaction, all within the transaction itself, to generate additional revenue from your users.

    Easy fee management

    Charge a flat fee, percentage-based fee, or a combination fee on transactions between your users, or on any transaction you like.

    Customizable fee schedules

    Create different fee schedules for different membership segments, so you can offer preferred pricing to power users or as an incentive for new users to sign up.

    Fee-only business model

    Operate as a ‘fee-only’ business by only collecting fees, and nothing else, to avoid the compliance issues associated with funds passing through your account.


Assembly’s dashboard and flexible reporting tools let you quickly understand a range of platform insights like real-time earnings, transaction velocity and historical trends, with multi-format data export for in-depth accounting and analytics.

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Go global

Accept payments globally

Accept payments from international customers, wherever in the world they’re located (subject to additional international fees).

International payouts

Remain fully compliant when disbursing payments to your international customers (subject to additional international fees).

International footprint

Headquarter your business in any of Assembly’s supported countries to access the most powerful building blocks for payments available.

Use Cases

Recurring Payments

eCommerce Stores

Subscription Services

Mobile Commerce

Software as a Service

SMB Platforms

Dual-sided Marketplaces

Enterprise Organisations

Bolt-on Services

In addition to payments processing, Assembly offers complementary services designed to help you focus on your business and not the time-consuming underbelly of payments.


Shield your business against organised crime rings, friendly fraudsters and the resulting chargebacks before they strike a blow to your bottom line.

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Guide your customers through queries and disputes using our dedicated and efficient payments support experts, white labeled as your own team.

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