Now your customers can instantly pay your invoices and bills by replying ‘YES’ to an SMS text message

Assembly’s ‘Pay By Text’ System allows your business to collect payments from customers using a unique and frictionless user experience. Assembly’s SMS payment system sends your customer an SMS invoice or bill and then your customer can make the payment by replying ‘YES’.

Powerful features

  • One step frictionless payments by replying ‘YES’*
  • Stop chasing down customers with automated SMS reminders
  • Spare customers the hassle of entering their payment details every time.
  • Customers can pay by Direct Debit or Debit/Credit Card
  • Bolt on full service Fraud Protection as an optional extra

*To reply yes to a payment the user needs to have their card details already saved. This is collected the first time they make payment.

"With Assembly, we’ve been able to completely remove any uncertainty about getting paid for tasks – now Airtasker Workers don’t have to spend any time chasing payments and can focus on getting more done."

Tim Fung
CEO & Co-Founder

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