Your marketplace is valuable to both your buyers and sellers, we’ll help you deliver the ultimate payments platform.

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Accept payments globally

Grow your marketplace internationally by accepting payments from over 150 countries whilst being able to settle funds in numerous currencies.

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Simple, flexible payouts

Collect fees and commissions for services and send batch, timed or instant payouts via ACH, direct credit or wire transfer to over 100 countries.

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Secure onboarding

We collect and analyse unique identification information and perform sanction checks on merchants and end-users before they transact.

The Solution For Your Marketplace.

Payment Options

Support a wide range of payment methods including credit cards, bank/wire transfers, ACH, Direct Debit or digital wallets. All methods are fully interchangeable, allowing custom payment flows for your marketplace with a single integration.

Reporting & Insights

The dashboard and reporting tools provide you with high-quality, up-to-the minute data, so you can make informed business decisions. It’s easy to view insights about your marketplace, users and items at any time.

PCI & Compliance

We are a fully-accredited and secure online payments service and undergo regular auditing from PCI DSS, authorities, banking partners and card scheme providers to ensure we meet and exceed the highest global security standards.

Fraud Prevention

We can protect your business by detecting and preventing traditional and emerging threats like Card-Not-Present, shill bidding, account takeovers, account duplications and sock puppeting. Our anti-fraud team now leads the industry.

With Assembly’s fraud protection, we’re indemnified from all chargeback liability as well as being able to provide a more compelling and streamlined user experience.

Tony Barrett , CEO

Flexible capabilities for marketplaces of any kind

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Goods & Products

Connecting buyers and sellers to safely exchange physical or digital goods either locally or globally.

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On Demand & Services

Allowing users to provide services on a trusted marketplace to take part in the sharing/gig economy.

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Financial Services

Providing innovative ways to allow users to access financial services and products through an online marketplace.

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Charity & Crowdfunding

Bringing users together to fund projects that matter to them or to the world in a safe, seamless experience.

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Tickets & Events

Helping connect event goers with venues, artists, tours or activity through a secure, frictionless marketplace.

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Rental & Hire

Bringing short or long term hirers to products or services from renters that need an escrow enabled, safe platform.