Why Assembly In-Store

<h2>Why Assembly In-Store</h2>
Easy to integrate, easy to use

Designed to work with any point of sale (POS) software, we’ve taken the complexity out of the integration process to make development as seamless as possible. We’ve also made the solution easy for your customers to setup and use; simply plug in, pair, and play.

Stable and secure

Our integration layer provides direct communication between POS software and an EFTPOS terminal, leading to maximum uptime, security and reduced points of failure. Built-in 3G failover capability also kicks in automatically should the local network be unavailable*. (*3G failover not available on all hardware)

Frictionless EFTPOS payments

As a software agnostic integration layer, Assembly In-store aims to make POS integrated payments accessible to every business. Designed to work seamlessly with industry-leading hardware, reliable, fast and fuss-free payments will be at your customers’ fingertips.

The solution your customers need

Assembly In-store helps to increase operational efficiencies for your customers:

  • Speedy transactions
  • Easy plug and play pairing
  • Proven stable technology
  • 24/7 Australian-based support
  • Secure payments
  • Improved customer experiences

Assembly In-store is also fully PCI compliant with end-to-end encryption ensuring that both your customers and their patrons transact safely.

How it Works

  • SPI is a direct integration layer that enables the POS and terminal to interact directly without going out to the cloud. This leads to less points of failure throughout the transaction, and promotes maximum stability and uptime for your customers. SPI is also fully PCI compliant, features increased resilience with 3G to bank fallback capability (no need for internet connection), and requires no SDKs to be installed on the POS

  • With secure pairing of the payment terminal to the POS achieved in just a few short steps, your customers will be ready to take payments in minutes, not hours. The terminal can also be easily setup on the same LAN/ WiFi network as the POS. Highly customisable, pairing can work as one payment terminal connected to many POS terminals, or alternatively as one POS terminal connected to many payment terminals, depending on the customer’s preferred setup.

  • Our technology is home grown and so is our support. 24/7 local support is available for your customers should they need it. Assembly In-store also features proactive support in the form of remote, real-time monitoring. This allows our team to remotely diagnose issues including POS integration status, WiFi signal strength and low battery levels. Soon we’ll also be able to remotely reboot terminals, and send proactive support advice including informing merchants of issues such as when other bank links are down

We’ve developed a number of payment integrations to our software and Assembly’s tech, sales, service and support has surpassed all of our expectations. Assembly’s integration is a great complement to our POS software, and a fantastic solution for our customers.

Kheam Tan , Co-founder

Who we work with

Assembly partners with financial institutions, including Westpac Banking Corporation, to provide integrated EFTPOS payments for retail and hospitality merchants.

POS Partners

Assembly In-store facilitates direct communication between the point of sale and EFTPOS terminal. We’ve partnered with over 80 point of sale providers and are continually adding more.

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