Collect payments faster

Invoice customers and collect payments at lightning speed with Assembly’s patented billing approvals technology. Customers simply reply ‘YES’ to an SMS text message to authorize immediate payment from their chose payment method.

Avoid chasing payments

Schedule automatic reminders to do the nagging for you or your merchants. With the ability to create custom reminder schedules and target users according to your own criteria, chasing down payments becomes a whole lot easier.

A simpler way to pay

Spare customers the hassle of entering their payment details every time they need to make a payment. Once Assembly has your customer’s credit card, debit card, or banking details stored, all future payments can be approved instantly.

How it works

Flexible refunds

Provide your business and users with simple, flexible and self managed refund capabilities – whether it’s a full, partial, still-in-escrow, or post-sale refund.

Subscription payments

Easily set up a subscription-based service, where users are charged either a fixed or varying amount on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
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Milestone payments

Easily set up staged payment schedules, allowing buyers to release payments incrementally over the course of a project as specific milestones are reached.

Custom billing descriptors

Make it easier for your users to identify transactions originating from your business or merchants by incorporating specific wording into the billing descriptor that appears on their credit card statement.


Assembly’s dashboard and flexible reporting tools let you quickly understand a range of platform insights like real-time earnings, transaction velocity and historical trends, with multi-format data export for in-depth accounting and analytics.

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Use Cases

Recurring Payments

Rental Payments

Cash On Delivery Payments

Utility Bills

Trades & Local Services

Job Management Platforms

On-demand Economy

Regular Invoicing

Subscription Services

Mobile Commerce

SMB Platforms