Customer peace of mind

Take the uncertainty out of committing to even the biggest-ticket transactions with Assembly’s secure and compliant escrow functionality. As a neutral and trustworthy third party, Assembly collects, holds and then releases funds to the merchant only once the buyer confirms delivery.

Avoid regulatory headaches

Factor compliance out of the equation by allowing users to transact funds directly with each other. This means payments between users bypass your accounts, minimizing your compliance burden. Meanwhile, you retain full control of the workflow, fee structure and payout schedule.

Speed up integration times

Achieve the ideal workflow by taking advantage of Assembly’s intimate familiarity and experience in creating optimized escrow processes. With everything online, no traditional forms, and the ability to fully white-label the experience, it’s the easiest escrow solution available.

How it works

Powerful Features

Using Assembly's rich feature set, build your ideal workflow to maximize conversions while avoiding regulatory headaches.

Flexible refunds

Provide your business and users with simple, flexible and self managed refund capabilities – whether it’s a full, partial, still-in-escrow, or post-sale refund.

Deposits and top-ups

Enable your users to make upfront deposits or partial payments that are paid through immediately, or held in escrow until the final payment is made.

Milestone payments

Easily set up staged payment schedules, allowing buyers to release payments incrementally over the course of a project as specific milestones are reached.

Multi-party payments

Configure complex transactions easily – from single or multiple buyers, merchants or brokers – to split payments and payouts in any combination you require.

Batch payouts

Perform mass payments at any scale or volume using the Assembly API or by uploading your batch payment instructions as an XYZ file.

Instant payouts

Allow merchants to immediately access funds disbursed to their bank account. Also known as ‘push to card,’ it spells the end for the customary overnight wait.
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Scheduled payouts

Schedule remittances to your merchants’ nominated payout methods at pre-arranged time intervals – daily, weekly, monthly or however frequently you would prefer.

Multi party payouts

Easily disburse funds  to multiple parties with a single API call after each sales transaction or as a batch payout.


Assembly’s dashboard and flexible reporting tools let you quickly understand a range of platform insights like real-time earnings, transaction velocity and historical trends, with multi-format data export for in-depth accounting and analytics.

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Use Cases

Auto & Vehicles

Real Estate & Property

Trades & Local Services

Digital Assets

Crowdfunding Platforms

Big Ticket Exchanges

SMB Platforms

On-demand Economy

Dual-sided Marketplaces