Make intelligent decisions

Use the Assembly dashboard and reporting tools to get high-quality, up-to-the minute data required to make informed business decisions. Assembly makes it easy to discover important insights buried in your data by making it as easy as possible to explore and understand.

Empower your team

The Assembly dashboard empowers your customer support team to monitor and manage users, items, transactions, payments and fees in real time – everything they need to resolve your users’ problems quickly and autonomously.

Simplify your reporting

Avoid the need to build out your own reporting and metrics. Assemby provides access to a range of high-level reports, including fees per transaction, transaction rate, average transaction values and month-on-month trends.

Data & Analytics

Reporting and analytics

Find, explore and understand the data driving your business, from top-level activity aggregates to individual user characteristics or transactions as they occur in real time.

Flexible data export

Mix and match data sets to create highly relevant views that you can export to a variety of file formats, including CSV, JSON, Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.

Get the complete picture

Fully empower your data analytics team to act on the total data set so they can create metrics and data-definitions that answer the questions unique to your online business.

Customizable views

Create unique metrics and combine datasets to obtain the most useful operational insights.

More accurate decisions

Run sophisticated data analyses to obtain the insights necessary to inform accurate decision making about your day-to-day operations and long-term direction.

Full Control

Visualize, monitor and manage

Give your admin team the ability to rapidly visualize key insights and evolving trends while exercising full control over payments, transactions and users.

Comprehensive user management

Add new users, modify account details or suspend the transaction privileges of troublesome participants with Assembly’s user-management dashboards.

Rapid refunding

Quickly and easily intervene on your users’ behalf to resolve purchasing and payment issues by carrying out partial or full refunds on transactions.

Fee schedule management tools

Create and modify your fee schedules to support tiered pricing models or to reward power users with fee discounts and incentivise new users to sign-up.

Role-specific insights

Enhance the clarity of your reporting by providing only the insights specific to each role within your organization. That way, your executive team can get top-level revenue and earnings insights at a glance while your support team sees individual transactions as they occur for easy and effective monitoring.

Check transaction statuses

Quickly check a transaction’s status to see whether it’s pending, paid, denied (due to fraud detection), charged-back or held in escrow.

Full transaction control

Create new transactions, lock problematic transactions, release payments and carry out full or partial refunds on behalf of users.