Avoid regulatory headaches

Save yourself the hassle and expense of having to first climb the compliance learning curve, and then undergo regular auditing evermore, with Assembly’s fully-compliant online payments system.

Focus on your business

Avoid the difficult and distracting task of achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance when it comes to payments. Assembly ensures you’re fully PCI-compliant right from the start.

Peace of mind

Assembly makes sure that all transactions carried out by you and your users properly adhere to all regulatory compliance standards, allowing you to feel reassured that no embarrassing transgressions accidentally occur

Regulatory Standards


Arm’s length compliance

Sidestep your regulatory compliance obligations altogether. While you control the workflow, fee structure and payout schedule, payments between users never touch your accounts, eliminating your compliance burden.

PCI-DSS compliance

Make sure your customers enjoy the highest level of personal data protection available. Assembly holds PCI Level 1 certification and remains in full compliance with all local and international regulations regarding secure data transmission and storage.

AFS licensing

Assembly is certified and fully compliant with all Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensing requirements necessary for businesses dealing with or advising on financial products or services in Australia.

Licensing requirements

Because Assembly is a fully compliant payments facilitator and licensed Internet escrow service, you don’t have to obtain any licenses or accreditations in order to offer escrow services in the United States.

Trust account settlement

With Assembly intermediating payments between your users, the transacted funds won’t pass through your accounts – only the fees that you charge.

Security of funds in trust

Assembly is underwritten by our local partner banks, so even in the highly unlikely event of disaster, you can be certain that both your and your users funds in trust are safe and protected.

Seller identity checks

Assembly manages Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulation compliance by performing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and evaluations on your merchants.

Easy legal compliance

Simply paste a single paragraph into your terms and conditions – including a link to our end user agreement – and have your users agree to the changes to achieve full compliance.

1099-K reporting

Let Assembly handle all necessary tax documentation for your merchants, on your behalf.