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Careers  —

Help businesses thrive and grow

Join Assembly and help give businesses the building blocks to compete, scale and thrive in an increasingly complex world.

Our  team helps technology businesses, enterprises, and financial institutions provide payments through a wealth of channels.

Join us, and work in a challenging, fast-paced, and exciting environment.

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Innovation and disruption lives at the core of our DNA

Assembly was founded in 2013 with the vision to revolutionise payments and help businesses harness opportunities presented by the digital age.

Since then we have been helping customers automate payment workflows that push the boundaries of what’s possible and reduce the complexity of running both classic and digital-native businesses.

Helping businesses compete and scale by managing payment complexity has always been a priority for Assembly and in February 2020 we joined forces with Standard Chartered to form a joint venture that will deliver the next generation payment solutions for businesses in Australia and beyond.

We are now preparing to grow our presence across APAC, Europe the US and Africa in the next few years and to continue helping customers navigate the payments ecosystem.

Assembly was founded in 2013 by Simon Lee (3), Darren McMurtrie (4) and Simon Jones (1). Victor Zheng (2) joined as a co-founder in 2017.

Assembly's principles define what we value, how we behave, and how we operate

Assemblers always give more than what's expected

We’re devoted to providing amazing experiences for our customers and love that their success links to our success. We’re passionate and tenacious in our interactions and always do ‘the right thing”.


Assemblers always strive to be the best they can be

We strive for excellence. Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude. Our job isn't done until we’ve smashed our goals. We're proud that our passion is our strength.


Assemblers assume nothing and challenge everything

We’re always asking ‘why’ and striving to innovate and improve. We’re not afraid to question or challenge things. We evaluate risk, make fast decisions and execute with courage to deliver results.


Assemblers know the buck stops with each one of us

We own our actions, learn from our failures and celebrate our success. We don’t put things off until tomorrow which could be done today, take full responsibility and deliver what we say we will.


Assemblers walk a mile in the others persons shoes

We see things from other points of view and show compassion, empathy and passion. We value emotional intelligence as much as intellectual and know you need both to create exceptional teams.

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We value teamwork and we're always looking for
opportunities to get everyone together to celebrate team wins, collaboration and camaraderie.

Support and opportunity both in and outside of Assembly

  • Work in a buzzing office, work from home, or enjoy flexible hours

  • Paid parental leave for new mothers and fathers to help you transition

  • Advance your skills and domain knowledge with training and mentoring opportunities

  • Continue your career trajectory either in the same role or explore new opportunities

  • Enjoy salary package benefits and additional financial incentives such as employee referral bonuses

  • Join an a culture with an innovative mindset where your ideas have the potential to create change

Work on a shared vision with like minded people

We’re assembling a team dedicated to building the world’s most powerful payments engine, game-changing the industry, and helping businesses thrive.

We’re always on the lookout for people who:

  • Care deeply about your work, your customers, and your team

  • Thrive in fast paced, innovative and entrepreneurial environments

  • Want to be part of a journey of significant growth, transformation and change

  • Love attacking big problems and solving them

  • Have grit, determination, and a never-say-die attitude

  • Believe that making a significant impact to global commerce is important

  • Accept the challenge of working with some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies

Experience ownership, autonomy, and empowerment

I love that everyone has a voice, everyone knows what they need to do and are left alone to get it done by balancing work-home life, and there's always support from peers and management. A fun atmosphere here seems natural. That's autonomy, culture, work-life balance, all-in-one.

Farhan Alam

CX Product Manager

I love working at Assembly because I am always empowered to manage my own time and workload. My leaders trust me enough to give me the space and opportunity I need to succeed.

Ben Jackson

Head of Knowledge Management

Working in an environment that allows you to bring your ideas to reality is one of the best things in working at Assembly. The passion to strive for excellence and grow at your chosen career makes the job even more fulfilling.

Cathy Bernal-Talampas

Business Analyst

Assembly is a home to passionate, like-minded individuals. I’ve seen rapid value driven growth and an amazing culture here. I love my team who create technology platforms in alignment with the business strategy and make me want to come to work everyday.

Preeti Mishra

Head of Technology

There are so many things I love about working for Assembly! I love that openness and authenticity is encouraged in every conversation and that every contribution is valued. There is also a “community” spirit and It’s an energetic, fun, and creative environment to work in.

Irene Mendoza

Head of Operations

Assembly provides a level playing field for anyone keen to get involved in propelling the business forward on its exciting growth journey. No challenge or task is ever too big for us Assemblers and I consider myself lucky to be working alongside supportive colleagues who are super motivated and passionate about what they do. 

Vanessa Sammut

Marketing Manager

Working at Assembly not only gives me the opportunity to play an important part in a highly passionate and super talented team, I am also enabled to constantly grow with new challenges on a daily basis. I like that at Assembly, everyone is empowered to have their say, which creates a huge level of trust and transparency and ultimately a great, unique and global team culture.

Birte Heitmann

HR Business Partner