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Assembly Payments and CurrencyFair merger update

Assembly Payments and CurrencyFair merger update

In April this year, CurrencyFair and Assembly Payments announced we were merging to create a new global B2B financial services company. 

We wanted to update you that this process will soon be complete – regulatory approval is at an advanced stage, as is the creation of a new parent company which will be the new home of the combined entity of CurrencyFair and Assembly Payments.

The CurrencyFair brand will remain for consumers and small businesses who want faster, cheaper foreign exchange while a new brand will be launched to cater to mid-market and enterprise-level customers in the world of digital financial services – from FX to fraud management, reconciliation to non-card payments.

Q: I am a current customer of CurrencyFair – how will this affect me?

A: The merger will have no impact on your account or any of the CurrencyFair services you use. You will still be able to access fast, secure money transfers at up to eight times cheaper than the banks.


Q: I am a current customer of Assembly Payments – how will this affect me?

A: The merger and rebranding of Assembly Payments to a new company name will not affect your service. The new company will use the same technology to help businesses manage multiple payment workflows and move funds, enabling authentication, liquidity, payment and settlement with zero wait-times. 


We appreciate your patience while we’ve been integrating the companies but the wait is nearly over and we can’t wait to unveil our fresh new name and look.

Watch this space!

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