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We make LinkedIn's Top 10 Startups for the second year running

We make LinkedIn's Top 10 Startups for the second year running

We’re proud to announce that Assembly Payments has been ranked in LinkedIn’s annual Top 10 Startups list for the second year running. The award celebrates young companies that are making an impact  in the professional world by disrupting their industry and the list is made up of 25 compelling start ups who rank highly for employment growth, engagement with employees, job interest and staff retention.

This year’s list measured company performance between July 2018 to June 2019, during which time Assembly has succeeded in hiring almost 70 people, strengthening its banking products and launching Real Time Payments, enabling businesses to make payments in seconds.

“The growth and product innovation that we have achieved to date has been a testament to the quality of hires within the business and the culture they all bring with them,” says Simon Lee, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Assembly Payments.

“We provide employees with great opportunities including multiple career pathways and an environment that fosters autonomy, empowerment and creativity. We value team building events and staff engagement and perks of working with us include flexible working where we encourage a healthy work-life balance.”

Assembly’s growth in Australia is heading in the right direction. As we use this momentum to expand our business into overseas markets within the next few years, we will continue to welcome new employees into a dynamic and innovative culture. If you are looking to work with like-minded individuals who are keen to challenge themselves in doing things differently to succeed then check out our careers page here.

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Darren McMurtrie

Co-Founder & GM, Marketing